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Health Highlights

Woman looking off into the horizon.

Positive Emotions and Your Health

Learn about how having a positive outlook can benefit your physical health.

Girl covering her face with her hands.

Bullying: Unwanted Aggression

Find out how to spot signs of bullying—including cyberbullying—and what you can do to help someone who’s being bullied.

Father, son, and grandfather with their arms around each other.

20 Q & A’s about Long-Distance Caregiving

Browse ideas and resources that can help make long-distance caregiving more manageable and effective whether you live next door or across the country.

Illustration of a connection between 2 nerve cells.

Brain Basics

Changes in the brain can lead to mental disorders, such as depression. Learn how the brain works and what can go wrong.

Featured Tools

Rethinking Drinking — Explore calculators, interactive worksheets, and more that will help you take a look at your drinking habits and understand how they may affect your health.

Screenshot of the Rethinking Drinking website.

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